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How often a WordPress plugin should be updated?

Posted: June 29, 2013 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized
I hate to update plugin so often...

Aaah! Another WordPress plugin update? I hate to update plugins so often.

Hi All,

As i am a new to blogging but spent a lot of time in coding so now coding for WordPress most of the time. This blog post topic comes in my mind because i got an idea and add to my plugin immediately or at least list it down for next release but never thought to keep updating overnight because your audience could be bothered by updates in days and nights. Sometimes i, myself, don’t like to update plugins and even core WordPress on daily basis. There are a no. of WordPress plugin authors who are updating their plugin very regular. Sometimes there are security fixes and sometimes new features added. So it is hard to say that how often a WordPress plugin should be updated. If i talk about myself so i wait for at least a week or 40% of my plugin audience got the last update. There is another interesting factor that every time i update my plugin so i got some new audience and some percentage from existing audience update that plugin so i got 40% in stats or at least wait for a week. I was observing in last few days that i got 3 regular updates from YOAST, one of our favorite plugin. I thought that what is this? Because after a long time i was getting such regular fixes. In fact security updates should not be waited and if a little inconvenience is coming from updating plugin so its fine when you are protecting your valued users from threats. But when you are releasing some features which are interesting for few and not for all so you should wait until you got 60% to 70% of your audience get updated with last release. This post is purely based on my personal development experience that how i think about my plugin audience and care about them. I try to code a good plugin too 🙂

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