WordPress Plugin – jQuery Post Splitter

Posted: January 27, 2015 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

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WordPress Plugin – jQuery Post Splitter

jQuery Post Splitter is a WordPress plugin which will help you to split posts and pages into multi-pages. In addition you will have a button along with the icons of WordPress text editor in posts and pages. You can make as many as pages within the post or page.

Possible Implementations:

  1. You can create an easy to manage article with it
  2. News websites can use it amazingly to engage their audience more
  3. Albums and slideshows can be created with it
  4. Testimonials can be managed with it easily
  5. FAQ’s in case of longer text or if available with some visual aids
  6. Video tutorials gallery can be easily created with it

A few useful snippets:
In case you want to put some advertisement before your navigation bar.
Note: .cb-post-large.cb-post-footer-block need to be replaced with the CSS selector of your required div or any other HTML element tag which need to be moved between content and the navigation.
var i = 0;
var x = setInterval(function(){
if(($(‘.jps-bottom-nav’).length>0 && $(‘.cb-post-large.cb-post-footer-block’).length>0) || i >10){
}, 300);

Download Plugin

  1. I paid for premium. Now how do I set it up!

  2. sligsdotcom says:

    i have try this plugin but i cant make it works, can you teach me how to make it work? i very insterested buying pro version but when i test free version i can’t make it work.

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