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jQuery Post Splitter

Posted: April 15, 2020 by WordPress Mechanic in WordPress Plugins

Download Free:

1) Posts and Pages can be divided into parts with page-breaks.
2) View full post optional link
3) Navigation captions can be edited
4) Slides counter can be displayed
5) Custom HTML and CSS can be added above and below post slides
6) Scroll to top option is available for long posts
7) Exceptional support on

Ajax based content divider – WordPress Plugin by Fahad Mahmood

Premium Features:
1) Default post navigation, line numbers display as pagination
2) JavaScript Function on Slide, on each next and previous button you can trigger multiple JS functions
3) Beautiful Styles for Slider Navigation
4) SEO Trick – Display full content on first page as hidden?
5) Loop slides – Creates an infinite loop of the slides

Posts Content Split into Parts and Refresh on each slide – WordPress Plugin by Fahad Mahmood