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Brothers: George Green & Fahad Mahmood

Posted: May 30, 2017 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

Hi All,

I am Fahad Mahmood from Lahore, Pakistan. I am providing my services online as WordPress Mechanic exclusively on Fiverr.

I came to know brother George Green in an awkward situation when his website was hacked earlier. Although it was just a routine job for me to recover a website but something unusual it was this time in a working relationship. It was a beautiful beginning of such a trustworthy relationship with a Muslim brother. After that we worked on Childhood Champions together and many other tasks, day by day our relationship was getting stronger.

I feel really good when i see my brother doing fantastic job around the world.

I love the way he is helping people with water wells. He is working on kids from a different perspective and giving them a beautiful inspiration with for their childhood, yes i am talking about “No Ordinary Day”.

I love this book, brother George sent me this book and also the t-shirt. Thank you so much for this love. I wish you all the best and my prayers are for you to be successful in your life. May Allah bless you more to beautify the lives of poor people around the world.


From wp10 to WordCamp 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Posted: December 25, 2015 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

From wp10 to WordCamp 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan.

WordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup LahoreWordPress Meetup Lahore

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Over the weekend, the WordPress community in Lahore, Pakistan held its 10th monthly meetup. It is an amazing effort by TechHub Pioneers to attract youth towards WordPress meetup.


First ever WordPress Meetup was organized by Kamran Zahid of Timelenders a lead trainer, on 5th of April 2012 at Salt-n-Pepper Restaurant, Lahore Pakistan.

The Second meetup was organized by WordPress Mechanic on 27th May 2013 on as “wp10 Party at McDonald’s, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan“. It was having around 30 WordPress users and developers.

Third meetup was organized by “Skooter Technologies” on 1st December 2013 at Liberty Lahore, Pakistan. It was almost having the same number of people.

Fourth meetup again held by “Skooter Technologies” on 1st January 2014 at same place and got a good response from industry.

Fifth meetup held in 5th march 2014 which was organized by “Google Developers Group” at LUMS University in which three famous speakers, Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor), Mr. Kamran Zahid (Entertrainer) & Mr. Haris Zulfiqar (Founder of Avada Theme) talked about WordPress security, speed optimization and its usage.

Logo_GreyBGSixth WordPress meetup held as WordPress week in UET Lahore organized by WordPress Pakistan Team from 28th, 2014 to May 3rd, 2014. It was a great effort by Ahmad Awais.

Seventh WordPress meetup held in NEST College organized by NEST College Management (NEST College aka Saif Center of Innovation) on 1st October 2014, it was the first time when students and freelancers attended a WordPress meetup together. Mr. Kamran Shafi was invited as a speaker.


Eighth WordPress meetup held on 14th October 2015 in which WordPress Mechanic announced Pakistan’s first WordPress Theme Development FrameworkGuavaPattern“, TechHub was selected as venue.

Ninth WordPress meetup held on 19th November 2015 major crowd was of university students.

12391859_1036016079773181_4911880107734315075_nTenth WordPress meetup held in the same city in sequence on 19th December 2015. This event became mega event when organizers included Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor) as a speaker in this event. Audience praised him a lot and for the first time a WordPress meetup got 1000+ RSVP and almost 400+ developers and I.T. professionals.
Attendee Fahad Mahmood (WordPress Mechanic), WordPress plugin and theme development framework author and shared his views:
“The auditorium was not sufficient for such a big crowd of young students, experts, freelancers, people were sitting on stairs, standing at auditorium doors and the organizers had to manage a projector outside so that people could attend the event outside too. I hope, next time WordPress meetup will be held somewhere else.

“I had a chance to interact with a few participants,” he said. “Majority of them were there to listen Mr. Kamran Shafi (Freelancing Mentor) and they seemed a little disappointed that his session was of short duration. Most of them are expected a separate event by Kamran Shafi next time. I was just surprised by the popularity of a Freelancing Mentor than WordPress Plugin Developers”.

Muhammad Kashif Arain, one of the 10th Anniversary WordPress meetup attendees, said that news of the event spread through an extensive network of Pakistani freelancers who are connected by social media. ProPakistani, a local IT news site, also published an article that helped new attendees learn about the event. “We closed registration two days before the event because we were not allowed to invite more people,” Kashif said. He and fellow organizers, with the help of 25+ volunteers, printed directions, arranged refreshments, and managed the crowd. As the meetup is being mature since 2013, they put the event together with the help of #PITB & #TECHHUBCONNECT. He hopes that the event will attract sponsors but wants to be careful to preserve their purpose and focus. We welcome anyone who wants to join us but we would like to maintain the independence and the freedom of WordPress,” he said.
Paving the Way for WordCamp Pakistan.

Organizers of the 19th December WordPress meetup expected even more attendees at the next event on January 16, 2015. They are working together with other active meetups in Karachi, Sialkot, and Hyderabad to organize WordCamp Pakistan as a mega event in September 2016. The WordPress Foundation is currently reviewing their application. English and Urdu are the primary languages used by the WordPress community in Pakistan, so the WordCamp would be accessible to many more attendees from around the world. “English is official language. So most of the sessions are in English but the smart speakers and presenters switch to Urdu to keep the audience synced with them.

WordPress and other open source technologies open up a world of new employment opportunities to freelancers in developing nations like Pakistan. This has helped fuel the growth of the Lahore meetup, which is now largely made up of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

“The local economy is struggling, which is pushing young individuals to start their own businesses or improve their skills,” Kashif said.

“WordPress offers great employment opportunities as one can work from home and does not need a visa or immigration,” he said. “The ease and familiarity with English helps Pakistani freelancers work easily with clients from all over the world.”

A large number of Pakistani developers work in renowned WordPress-based services and products as technical support, routine maintenance, a larger number are students who have formed small groups and are serving the industry.

“Pakistan has a large number of WordPress developers,” Fahad said. “We feel it’s the right time we put it on the globe and tell the world about the unleashed potential we are having here.”


WordPress Meetup – Lahore

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WordPress Meetup - Kamran ShafiWordPress Meetup - Kamran Shafi

WordPress Plugin – jQuery Post Splitter

Posted: January 27, 2015 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

Download Plugin

WordPress Plugin – jQuery Post Splitter

jQuery Post Splitter is a WordPress plugin which will help you to split posts and pages into multi-pages. In addition you will have a button along with the icons of WordPress text editor in posts and pages. You can make as many as pages within the post or page.

Possible Implementations:

  1. You can create an easy to manage article with it
  2. News websites can use it amazingly to engage their audience more
  3. Albums and slideshows can be created with it
  4. Testimonials can be managed with it easily
  5. FAQ’s in case of longer text or if available with some visual aids
  6. Video tutorials gallery can be easily created with it

A few useful snippets:
In case you want to put some advertisement before your navigation bar.
Note: .cb-post-large.cb-post-footer-block need to be replaced with the CSS selector of your required div or any other HTML element tag which need to be moved between content and the navigation.
var i = 0;
var x = setInterval(function(){
if(($(‘.jps-bottom-nav’).length>0 && $(‘.cb-post-large.cb-post-footer-block’).length>0) || i >10){
}, 300);

Download Plugin

Gulri Slider Pro

Posted: August 30, 2014 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

logoAn advanced jQuery based responsive image gallery slider which works awesomely with WordPress default gallery features. You don’t need to learn anything to use it. Simply use WordPress default gallery to insert images into your content editor and replace the shortcode name from “gallery” to “gsp”, that’s it. And if you want to display more than one sliders on the same page then mention a unique ID in shortcode bracket so there will be no conflict. This plugin is developed by a senior WordPress plugin developer.

Demo Link | Get It


  • Compatible with WordPress (Tested up to 3.9.x)
  • Compatible with almost all themes which are developed according to the WordPress Theme Development Standards
  • Compatible with WordPress default gallery (Add, Edit, Delete)

Premium Features List:

  1. jQuery based image gallery slider
  2. Shortcode based image gallery
  3. Responsive Layout
  4. Multiple galleries can be managed on the same page
  5. Unlimited number of images with ease of edit and delete and WordPress default image gallery
  6. Unique gallery ID is supported which can be changed through shortcode (optional)
  7. Exceptional Support
  8. Easily changeable events according to your requirements


  1. screenshot-1
  2. screenshot-2
  3. screenshot-3
  4. screenshot-4
  5. screenshot-5
  6. screenshot-6
  7. screenshot-7
  8. screenshot-8
  9. screenshot-9

WP Responsive Tabs Pro

Posted: July 19, 2014 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

WP Responsive Tabs Pro is an easy way to create tabs for unique posts/pages and feel freedom to use them anywhere in your content or files. This plugin provides a metabox on post/pages under content editor. It is handy to generate x number of tabs which can be used in editor or files with shortcode and do_shortcode respectively. Every shortcode has a unique group ID which will grab the tabs content of that particular post/page. Shortcode gets a parameter or orientation which allow you to use it as horizontal or vertical. Every tab can have its own unique CSS by inspecting its DOM element attribute ID or class, both are unique. It is responsive and works fine with devices.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Demo Link | Download Free | Go Premium

Premium Features List:

  1. Tabs can be implemented with “shortcodes”
    Note: Every tabs set will have its own unique code and you can use it anywhere in theme template.
  2. Number of tabs can vary for each post/page.
  3. Number of tabs can be limited by the parameter “tabs” in shortcode
  4. Each post/page will have its own tabs set with title and with description textareas.
  5. Each tab set is JS/jQuery based; so it will allow you to add as many as tabs in a section.
  6. Tabs plugin is available as a metabox under the content area of post/page.
  7. Each tab set will generate its own unique shortcode and can be implemented manually in theme/template or in content editor above. That unique short code will grab the titles and text for that tabs section.
  8. Tabs CSS is manageable, if unique tabs CSS exists then it will be on priority else the default one will be applied to all tab sets.
  9. Plugin is responsive
  10. Ensured no crashes, no conflicts with any other plugin, jquery or js based script.
  11. Ensured no crashes, no conflicts with any other CSS files/classes as well.
  12. Plugin is developed on WordPress recommended guidelines; so it will be compatible with upcoming versions of WordPress.
  13. Compatibility check has been performed with single WordPress installation and multisite as well. Please see the screenshots gallery.
  14. PHP helper function add_tab(‘title’, ‘description’) provide you push the tabs in a stack as FIFO manner. Just keep pushing the tabs including html and render the tabs calling do_tabs(); anywhere in your script.
  15. Available in shape of a plugin (installable), so can be used in other WordPress installations in future