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Its really difficult to say that they are safe because not only w3 environment is unsafe but they could install the games on their PCs. Every addictive game wins the title of popular game but to increase the audience, most of the games developed to get attention of all ages. In these games, some adult snapshots or animations area added and some childish activities. So every one enjoy such games. Nobody can say that a game is not safe for 7 years kid or around till he will not play and experience it. Most of the time splash screens are adult but those come up when you clear a special mission. So apparently every game will be fine. Games development is being crowded by marketing minds now. We were playing games 10 to fifteen years ago, were nicely developed and took years to complete sometime.

Now, we are hearing about a new game every other day and the purpose is nothing more than just get maximum traffic. Pure gaming experience require a good computer specifications and on other side w3 is offering you a variety and free, above all. So majority will go to the convenient side. You can not just leave the kids with their own choice, you are the equal responsible if you are letting them play the games which are not suitable for them. One must arrange good gaming activity environment for kids to nourish their minds instead of just killing zombies or clearing mission by practicing terrorist activities. Such games are not meant to be an entertainment but to release your rage/anger. Ultimately the kids got addicted to such games or reluctantly being attached to these games. Now they will like it whenever they will see that game again. They would never like to play sonic, racing game, Mario bros, snow bros etc.


Obviously they know that if they have more control in their favorite games where they can destroy, fly, ride anything by snatching from the others so why they need to get fear of enemies and wait until next level to be a powerful hero. They start a game, put a cheat or kill some innocent and keep going towards power. There are a lot of games in which you move carefully as you were playing PAC man, snake on Nokia phones.

One of the games like that is “HOAB“. Hope of a bug is an interesting game which is developed to recall the early time memories.

Hope of a Bug is basically a loop based game which has no end but the difficulty level keep going up. You have to beat the best minimum time score of other players or even break your own records for the levels you played before. Every loop has a different enemy. Initially you see a black beetle. And in next rounds you have to handle the ants.

Background images are used according to the levels which helps you to observe the movements of bugs. These images can misguide you whenever an enemy will disguise in dark area. This game is basically developed to recall the memories of 16 bit games of 90’s and onward. You will miss the mouse clicks but will enjoy the old fashioned gaming experience. In every level, you will have a benchmark score against yours. Once you will beat that score so the whole world will see you as a top scorer. There is no database is associated. This game is not storing anything except your basic information and your scores.