Gulri Slider Pro

Posted: August 30, 2014 by WordPress Mechanic in Uncategorized

logoAn advanced jQuery based responsive image gallery slider which works awesomely with WordPress default gallery features. You don’t need to learn anything to use it. Simply use WordPress default gallery to insert images into your content editor and replace the shortcode name from “gallery” to “gsp”, that’s it. And if you want to display more than one sliders on the same page then mention a unique ID in shortcode bracket so there will be no conflict. This plugin is developed by a senior WordPress plugin developer.

Demo Link | Get It


  • Compatible with WordPress (Tested up to 3.9.x)
  • Compatible with almost all themes which are developed according to the WordPress Theme Development Standards
  • Compatible with WordPress default gallery (Add, Edit, Delete)

Premium Features List:

  1. jQuery based image gallery slider
  2. Shortcode based image gallery
  3. Responsive Layout
  4. Multiple galleries can be managed on the same page
  5. Unlimited number of images with ease of edit and delete and WordPress default image gallery
  6. Unique gallery ID is supported which can be changed through shortcode (optional)
  7. Exceptional Support
  8. Easily changeable events according to your requirements


  1. screenshot-1
  2. screenshot-2
  3. screenshot-3
  4. screenshot-4
  5. screenshot-5
  6. screenshot-6
  7. screenshot-7
  8. screenshot-8
  9. screenshot-9

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